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We have been doing vehicle wraps and graphics for over 20 years. We are responsive, fast, and we always meet and exceed customers’ expectation.

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What is a vinyl vehicle wrap? It is a digitally designed, custom piece of artwork intended to visually enhance the item you are wrapping for the purpose of advertising or personal use. More importantly, a vinyl wrap is your visual handshake…let your wrap design introduce your business.

If you are looking for intense, visual exposure, getting a full wrap is the only way to go. Full wraps are exactly what it says; complete coverage of all exterior panels (roof usually not included for commercial) in a visually stimulating design. Design is the key word here. Without a great design, your company information and message can get lost.

What are partial wraps? Simply put, it is a wrap that covers only a portion of the surface you are wrapping. Partial wraps are a great option if you are on a budget or do not need a full wrap. Wrapping only a portion of your vehicle can still get your message across, but at a lower cost. Whether you choose a half wrap, three quarter wrap, or quarter wrap, you will still receive a quality design.

Another option is spot graphics. Spot graphics are the maximization of graphic elements to make use of a given space. We accomplish this through fluid placement of decals and lettering, driving your potential customers to important information about your company.


Full Wrap for Advertising

Custom graphics full wrap for advertising purposes 

Full Color Change Wrap

Example of full colorchange wrap to enhance the look of your car and to protect its paint/

Partial Wrap for Advertising

Example of partial wrap with spot graphics for advertising.

Partial Color Change Wrap

Example of partial color change wrap for looks.

Spot Graphics (Decal)

Example of a decal spot graphics on the same truck that was partially wrapped. 

Spot Graphics for Advertising

Example of a decal and business contact information spot graphics

Stripes Example

Example of stripes spot graphics for looks.


The Process of Vehicle Wrapping

at GotWrap.com

Is as easy as 123. Let's see how it works..!


Everything starts with a hello! Connect with us via email, phone call, filling out price quote form online, social media or in person.

Price Quote

You will receive a price quote before starting any work. Once approved, an order will be created and once the deposit is received work will begin.

Design Process
(if required)

Time to start the design process. After the initial design is received, revisions are made and an approval is received, an installation date will be decided and put on our schedule.


The graphics are prepared and/or printed and laminated. We ask that you have your vehicle washed the day before the installation so that it is dry. This way we can prep it properly the day of installation.

The Fun Stuff

This is our favorite step! This is when we call you for pick up and you get to see your vehicle transformed!


Initial Introduction

Everything starts with a hello and a handshake. Send us an email, call us, or fill out the price quote form, or through social media. Reach out to us @xgraphixllc and provide a brief scope of your project. We will follow up by reaching out to you to get your project started.


Price Quote

An official quote will be sent.  Once a deposit is received, work will begin on your project.

The Fun Stuff

Time to start the design process. After any necessary revisions have been made to the initial design, we will begin final artwork approval. Once confirmed, a drop-off date and time will be scheduled for installation.

The Transformation

All your graphics are printed and prepared. All surfaces are prepped and made ready for installation. Once the installation starts, your project begins to take shape. 

The Final Product

This is our favorite step in the entire process. You, the client, get to see the end results of your project!

Reviews & Testimonials
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Genevieve WidmanGenevieve Widman
21:25 18 Jan 23
I have worked with several wrapshops before, this establish is unlike any I've patroned. I was particularly awed by a gent who went by Josh – rather attentive and suitably courteous. Definitely plan on doing business with them again sometime soon!
Aramis AlemánAramis Alemán
20:26 18 Jan 23
Great work! Diego Vega was communicative and helpful in all ways possible and the Wrap team did an amazing job! 10/10 would recommend
Giovano CaputoGiovano Caputo
19:47 18 Jan 23
Went to Gotwrap a few months ago and started working with a gentleman named Josh.Very knowledgeable, very kind and very concerned about what I wanted.He ended up recommending inozotek for my pearlescent wrap and HOT DAM it looks fly. I would have never found this by myself and I couldn’t be happier with the job they did.STRONGLY recommend.
James FletcherJames Fletcher
19:36 18 Jan 23
I came in wanting to add a some flair to my car with a custom wrap, but only had a vague idea of what I wanted done. Their designer Josh workshopped with me until I found exactly what I was thinking of, now it looks great! Thanks again for the amazing work, if I want anything else done I’m definitely coming back.
Kyle DwyerKyle Dwyer
05:20 18 Jan 23
I have been using their services for a few months now. Their professionalism and work ethics are great.The results are always consistent, and they have very good finishings. Josh and Diego have always been on point with all my requirements while wrapping my ATM machines.Would recommend.

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